Tad’s Guide to Pond Dipping

28th March 2019

How to go Pond Dipping:

  1. Gather your things and find a pond to dip in. First look carefully to see what creatures you can spot around the water e.g. birds and insects.
  2. Ask an adult to fill your container with pond water for the creatures you find.
  3. Find a good spot where you can stand or kneel by the edge of the water. Watch out for slippery ground and don’t lean too far out!
  4. Slowly dip your net into the water and move it around in a figure of eight.
  5. Carefully lift your net out and tip it inside out into your container.
  6. Inspect your catch! Some creatures may be very small so use a magnifying glass or plastic spoon to see them better.
  7. What did you find? Write it down, draw a picture or take a photo!
  8. Try dipping in other parts of the pond where you might find different creatures: on the surface, in the weeds, in the muddy bits.
  9. When you’ve finished looking gently tip the contents of the container back into the pond so the creatures can go back to their homes.

Don’t forget to wash your hands when you get home!


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