CLOSED: WIN a family trip to Thorpe Park with The Taylor Turbochaser!

2nd October 2019



The brand new blockbuster from David Baddiel, The Taylor TurboChaser, is nearly here, and we’ve got a chance for you to WIN a family trip to Thorpe Park PLUS overnight stay at the Thorpe Shark hotel!

Just order your copy of The Taylor TurboChaser now, and send your order confirmation to for your chance to win!

Find out more about The Taylor TurboChaser below…

Jump on board THE TAYLOR TURBOCHASER for a road trip rollercoaster!
Amy Taylor loves cars more than anything. Even though she was in a really bad car accident when she was eight years old, which means she has to use a wheelchair, she’s determined to a race car driver when she grows up.
So, when her genius inventor best friend Rahul turns her wheelchair into a supercar, Amy jumps straight into the driver’s seat, and she and her friends set off on an epic road trip adventure!

Full T&Cs available here:


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