Halloween for Bookworms

15th October 2019

For bookworms, EVERY occasion is an opportunity to have fun with their favourite characters and Halloween is no exception!

Read on for costume inspiration, how-tos, activities and novel extracts that will keep everyone busy on the 31st October!



  1. Dress Up as Skulduggery

An instantly recognisable character, Skulduggery Pleasant is the world’s most sharply dressed skeleton! Check out this guide for step-by-step instructions.



2. Dr. Seuss’s Green Trousers Costume

If you’re looking for a costume that’s a little zanier, how about Dr. Seuss’s iconic Green Trousers from What Was I Scared Of? You’ll love this impressive (and impressively easy) costume!



3. Ghost Stories

No Halloween is complete without ghost stories to give you goose bumps! Read this free first chapter of Demon Dentist to get creative juices flowing, then have a go at making up your own. Scariest story wins!



4. The Grotlyn Activities

Little hands can be kept busy with these fun free activity sheets, including a dot-to-dot, word search and a draw-your-own Grotlyn! Who can draw the ghastliest Grotlyn of them all?



5. Skulduggery Pleasant Comic Strip

Don’t let the youngest ones have all the fun! This themed comic strip template means that older children can get creative, too. Take inspiration from the books or create an entirely NEW set of creatures to make your skin crawl!


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