CLOSED: Win an Escape Room Adventure with That Time I Got Kidnapped!

28th February 2020

That Time I Got Kidnapped is the hilarious new 11+ novel from the author of the funny, fast-paced crime caper How to Rob a Bank!

Fourteen-year-old Jacob is thrilled when he wins the chance to feature in the next Marvel movie, but after missing a connecting flight, he tries to complete the journey by Greyhound bus – where he meets Jennifer.

Jennifer is an American teenager on the run with a mysterious package that she’s guarding with her life, with an enigmatic figure known only as ‘the Cowboy’ hot on her heels…

Soon, Jacob finds himself on the road-trip of a lifetime as Jennifer’s unwitting partner in crime.

Will he make it to his destination in time – and in one piece?!


To celebrate the publication of That Time I Got Kidnapped, we’re giving you the chance to win both of Tom Mitchell’s books, as well as an incredible escape room adventure worth up to £150!

Enter now using the competition entry form below. Good luck!



Win an Escape Room Adventure with That Time I Got Kidnapped!



Want to read more from Tom Mitchell? Check out his hilarious and cinematic first novel, How to Rob a Bank!

Some people rob banks because they’re greedy. Others enjoy the adrenalin rush. Me? I robbed a bank because of guilt. Specifically: guilt and a Nepalese scented candle…


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